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John O'Donnell

Phone: 0431 649 820     Email: john@banjodonnell.com      Address: 33 Vargon Cct, Holmview, Qld  4207  Australia

Band Web Site:  odonnells.com.au

Waltzing Matilda - Download Free Package Here

Contains TEF and PDF versions of:

(1) Waltzing Matilda - Melody Only

(2) Waltzing Matilda Full Version

(3) Waltzing Matilda with Banjo Lead and Harmony Parts - Great for two banjos to play together.

Tabs contain Banjo, Guitar and Bass Parts

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Banjo Tabs can be played with a free program called TEFView.  

Download from here: http://www.tabledit.com/tefview/index.shtml  

It is available for Windows or Mac.