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John O'Donnell

Phone: 0431 649 820     Email: john@banjodonnell.com      Address: 33 Vargon Cct, Holmview, Qld  4207  Australia

Band Web Site:  odonnells.com.au

Hi and welcome to my banjo site!

If you are in the South East Qld area and would like to learn how to play bluegrass banjo, then you've come to the right place.  

*     Learn to play banjo in the quickest way possible

*     Overcome the frustration of trying to learn on your own

*     Impress your friends (and your enemies)

*     Finally tick off that bucket list item!

Commonly asked questions and my responses:

*      Am I too old to learn the banjo?  John: "Probably not. My students range in age from 15 to 85."

*     Do I need to be able to read music? John: "No, the good news is that most banjo music is written in tablature.  It is easy to learn."

*     Do I need a musical background?  John: "No.  Of course it helps, but I can start you where you are at."

*     How long will it take?  John: "That depends on you and what you'd like to achieve."

*     Can I learn Duelling Banjos?  John: "Yes, but not at the first lesson!"

Using my proven techniques and practice strategies, I’ll have you playing your first tune very quickly!

Give me a call to schedule your first lesson. I look forward to working with you.


John O’D

Mobile: 0431 649 820

Email: john@banjodonnell.com

P.S. I also play in our family bluegrass band, "The O'Donnells." We appeared on The Voice Generations in early 2022. Video clip below.  You can see other clips at our web site:  odonnells.com.au.

Here's a clip of "Scotland The Brave"

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